One of the many services that I offer is Real Estate Valuation. Combined, our office has over 120 years of appraisal experience in residential and commercial real estate throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Visit us at or by calling 215-247-5000. I can also be reached directly at 610-331-7655.

Below is a sample of typical types of clients for whom we perform appraisals. Please click on the link for additional information or direct access to their website.

Lending institutions:

Banks, Mortgage Companies, Credit Unions, Private Equity Firms, Other Lending Institutions,

Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Developers, Contractors, Realtors

City of Philadelphia

Government agencies:
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Federal Housing Administration
Veterans Administration
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Philadelphia Housing Authority
Philadelphia Department of Real Estate
Philadelphia Housing & Development Corporation
Private Individuals:
Property owners who want to ascertain market value of their assets
Property owners who are opposing a tax reassessment